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Thesineadniamh She’s Ace initiative is aimed at promoting increased participation of women of all ages in all aspects of our sport and is in line with the Irish Sports Council’s Women in Sport initiative. She’s Ace goes further however and wishes to embrace the International Olympic Council’s 2012 Declaration stating  “That the promotion of women’s participation in sports activities, management and administration should, and must, serve the wider goal of supporting the international agenda of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls”.



Purpose: To support and encourage female stakeholders of all ages, to reach their potential both on and off the court, while driving awareness of Women in Handball and increasing participation numbers.


Outcome: For women and girls to be are aware of GAA Handball and have a desire to be involved in the Association for fitness, fun or sporting success,resulting in increased number of players, officials, administrators and supporters.

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Associated Charity, Breast Cancer Ireland…

Breast Cancer Ireland is a charity established to raise funding to support pioneering breast cancer research. Through research, it’s main goal is to transform breast cancer from often being a fatal disease, to a chronic illness that can be maintained long term through treatment. Early detection is critical to ensuring a positive outcome. Through
national collaboration, with each of the eight
designated cancer centres, they hope to speed up discovery rates and ultimately affect better treatment outcomes for patients diagnosed. 


Aisling Hurley from Breast Cancer Ireland said “often breast cancer is seen as an older woman’s disease , but  women of all ages can be affected” She added ” we are delighted with the opportunity of partnering with “She’s Ace” and Lady’s Handball, making ALL women Breast Aware. Our motto is Breast Health – Your Wealth.”


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